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most of these were written without even thinking. i'll just get a tune in my head at like 4 am and jot something down. all comments are welcome

“this and nothing”

as I walked down the streets
of exuberant dayglow
empty sidewalks alleys filled with people
a man comes up to me
not for advice but of help
a hand stuck out I pity the absent wealth
but I say to this man
I have nothing to give what you don’t
He opens his mouth to speak but an electrical hum is all I can hear
Take this being my last words ever
I walk away to hear him sing and laugh a shout like none other

As I walked down the road
Of catastrophic machinery
Filled with them with nowhere to go
A woman comes up to me
She says in avail
I can’t find my home cant find heaven
Point the way good sir, but this I do not know
So I do what I can, and sacrifice the beauty of earth
For her disposition, as I walk away I can hear her gasp in awe/rebirth

As I danced to the music
Of the drumbeat lifeforce
I felt a boy bump in to me and say’s
What are you doing old man
Walk run walk, what are you doing?
And I point to the sound of the music I move my way to
I sense his confusion and give him my own beat
I cant hear the music, but I can feel him dance
As I walk away I can feel his feet stomp on the floor like a rhythmatic drum

And as I found my way outside, I couldn’t find my home
I could not ask for help, nor receive none
And I couldn’t hear the people or see their faces
And when someone else came up to me
I assume for assist I wrote on the sidewalk
With a big block of chalk
I’ve nothing to give.
So he takes my hand and puts naught in it
And then he writes on the ground
Take this and nothing from me
It’s been a burden to keep.


Tears drop along the conveyor belt streetways
A catasprophic shout – it hits the cranium

A cut! A wound! A flag flying high above the grave!
A death! A face! A broken home stuck in sympathy!

You hate the middle but you’re near to the end
can’t seem to stop
name the placidity of the best friends.
An injection in the skin seems to prolong the recession of the estrogen essence

A spoon! A flame! A needle in the veins it wipes away the traces of yesterday’s recession!
A sigh! A laugh! A snap of the elasticity clot breaks away all your precious perfection!
A rush! A thrill! A dialation of the bloodshot eyes you realize what was never seen in the perfect contraption…

You seemed to hit the blockade of the infinite!
Living in a chemical abstraction.
You seemed to hit the blockade of the infinite!
Living in a chemical abstraction.
You seemed to hit the blockade of the infinite!
Living in a chemical…
Living in the chemicals…
Living in the chemicals…

Don’t fall asleep!
Don’t fall asleep!
Don’t fall into - eternal slumber!
Don’t fall asleep!
Don’t fall asleep!

Now the only way to see you is to remember.

With air and lineaments divine
With caskets crisp and burnt
With clout tainted red
With the arrogance envy

He came across dark lands
Treaded across waters
Came down upon the land
With a gift of knowledge
Welded in the fires of

Their ambitions in life
Self evolved in their beauty
Worshipping the might
Of statuet carved in self absorption in the hate

Blind no more!

“the guillotine laughs”
I wait and wait until/the food gets trapped in your/throat, watch you keel over/and die a/death unlike no other/but with more transfusion/and the end of time/ for ones like you do/ not murder and not hope/for better generation/ nothing sense of skin/ eaten all the time/ your eyes they dialite/bloodshot kill my hate/for you and all that/ I wish you were/ and I wish I was the one/who had their system fucked/ by scalpels and tweezers/ doctors meditiating and feeding/ off your decline I hate/ to see you breathe/ I hate to see you lie/ but now Im locked in etc/ locked in your valerian/ root that feeds of preying eyes/ as well as mine.
Make sure no one sees/the deed accomplished here/ the masquereade you fear/ sticks to your lungs/ like the ammonia cancer/that you huff and puff/ blow my house down. Blow my house down. Kill my extrement/than eat the leftovers/ try and see why you couldn’t sleep at night.
Die and die again/die like you always said/faceless identity plagues the memory/you have no eyes you have no lips/sewed shut in compromisal/ insignificance/ the pedofile dines on what is ripe and young/but doesn’t pay regard for giant cars and lipstick hearts
Rimbaund hears your tears/plop onto the ground/drown out the screaming sound/ as well as your body and mind and mind/ tease my suckled eyes/ into the bedroom keep me un/der the floor watch me on the tv set tv set/topsy turvy amoe/bas take the gusto’d forest/s and the jumbled ci/ties all for one request request/ a ransom note left on/ the stair/way to heaven/ deadened animals lay on the side of the road/ tossed up in the air/ caught in the lithosphere/ orbits earth 100 out of 50 viewers agree agree with your paradoxal pity

The music died
Cast away with her life
One but all in self pity
He prays for death
A soul absence
It lingered in the mind

Walk up the path
Climb the rock
Reach the heavens at the top
Ask for their advice
They reconnect you to someone of more assistance
Like an operator of the gods you ‘please hold’ with more persistence

Fall down the path
To a place of dread
A mourged aura holds your breath
You feel the cold
You swim the styx
You pass along a field of crucifix
You see the firers of the beast
You see the tri sin inequity
Pluck the strings that seal your fate
Walk between foreboding gates
Ex cathdral
Entu brute
Ex Cathedral
Entu Brute

Pray for a gift
That can never be given
Get a compromise
Do not look at the living
It seems like such an easy task in your simple head
But soon you
come to know what an easy trick he played on you
Such a fool, a masters jest
Cruel in its black humour
Don’t look back
You near the end
You cannot wait
Pandora’s itch makes you stop… and look
At the prize you had almost won
But almost isn’t having
You’ve lost the precious one


Your eyes they tear
dry with poignant
Entrails of memories
Pray for death
There’s nothing left.
Please take me away.
‘Why’ grazes across your desiccate tounge

You looked back behind you
You lost it all
You looked back behind you
You lost it all
Lazarus won’t come back in your wishes.
Upon a new form
Upon a new form

Wait, I forgot to tell you.
I forgot all about the things I found
All the hidden secrets all of the lies
Like a nasty pest that won’t go away
I opened it up please take me from this misery

I just couldn’t help myself
I can’t have it so I want it
But little did I know
What woes did lay ahead

I pray for death
Its sweet embrace
Clasped around my soul


I look down
At my worn out and bleeding fingers
Sliding up and down
Blood streaking out over the broken frets
The strings so tensed and old/about to pop
Detuned/sounds like shit
My voice/tired and broken
Sick of the abuse it’s put under
With mediocre lyrics and music
Mediocre/yet filled with life
Shit/that’s all I hear when I listen to a broken record
Scratchy recording/like cheap whine and cigarretes
But when I play it is beautiful

“Rise up”

A voice
A shout
Heard above the noise
Of the hustle and the bustle
Of the Gleaming urbanity
A fist held high
Raised up in the air
Hammer sickle brought forth
In a clash of power

The puppets danced
To the music of the bullets
And the flames of martyer
Burned alive
Self sacrifice on the pedestal
Of a knew world a knew face
Of a knew tomorrow promised today

*unrest has spoken
tear it down!
tear it down!
unrest has spoken
build it back up!
Build it back up!

And so a future is born
The common freedom
Raised high above the grave
The statues of memories
Dying decayed/
Crashed down to the earth
Torn apart by the slave
Hey hey!

When they stood still
We danced in the moonlight
And when they mumbled lies
We sang of the peoples fight
And when they fought wars
We made love to the light
Hey hey!


You promised so many things
You said you’d give me shelter
Now rain pours through the roof

Diablo stuck inside
A verterbrate cage
Shacking the bars
Crying in rage
Suppression no more
And all in the name of a 44
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