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11th January 2008

1claimserr10:47pm: Прежде чем мы начнем уговаривать клиента дать выход его злости, следует создать ассоциации, которые позволят констатировать ее присутствие и различных формах и различной степени интенсивности. Когда кто-то, подобно Карен, подавляет гнев до такой степени, что вообще отрицает его существование, “тренинг агрессии” не сможет вызвать каких бы то ни было позитивных ассоциаций, связанных с проявлениями заболевание почек , диета , гинекология , здоровый образ жизни инфекционные болезни , лечение болезней , кардиология , желудок злости. Часто главной причиной подавления человеком в себе гнева, является страх перед неумением совладать с собой. Когда кто-то слишком восприимчив к проявлениям гневных чувств, даже небольшое раздражение кажется ему

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21st November 2004


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5th October 2004

krissit3n4:51pm: Yo!

Join hot_ska_kids !!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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29th September 2004


YEAHHHH... thats right.. bitches.

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28th July 2004

ruder_than_rude6:24pm: Anybody recognize the guy on my icon?
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24th July 2004

ruder_than_rude4:46am: It's so nice, I wanna hear the same song twice.

I'm new here and I heart ska too. It's hard to believe there is a ska scene in Lima, Ohio but thanks to The Great White Dopes (www.thegreatwhitedopes.com) I've seen such ska bands as I Voted For Kodos (www.iv4k.com) and The Set-Ups. Then I saw No Doubt & Blink 182 for free...thanks Jake and Sarah! That's what it's all about unity, and supporting your local ska scene.


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30th June 2004

reesenator5:45pm: ruuuuuuuuuude

i just got this skirt on ebay..... its soooo rude .... i gave it a test run at reel big fish/ rx bandits the other day...... it passed with flying colors!!


<3 Christina

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21st January 2004

vega_star12:48am: hey guys wassup
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6th August 2003

pookercake5:38pm: So who's goin to the ska show at Knitting tonight at 7? 10 bucks.


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23rd June 2003

kid197:31am: Two shows coming up! Sarasota and Ft Myers!

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16th June 2003

kid198:53am: Show in Sarasota! Check it out!

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10th June 2003

pookercake1:22pm: Who's going to the Rx Bandits show????
Who's going to the Rx Bandits show tonight?
I am even if I'm EXTREMELY ill because I've loved them since 2 years ago. I'm not missing this one in a heartbeat, nigga.

Comment me if you're going.

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4th May 2003

melissas7:46pm: can I get some unity?
so, I guess I'm kind of new here. [I have never posted]
mm,last weekend, I went to L.A. [the knitting factory]and I saw the Skatalites, See Spot, Aggrolites, & Chris Murry. The show was soo much fun.Everyone was having a good time and there were really no stupid people trying to mess things up. I wish it was like that always.
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25th April 2003

jachaelupa3:00pm: I have to do a 6 page research report on a topic of my choice. I chose ska. Does anyone have any good websites or books or anything on ska? Hook me friends.

Yes, I have cross posted, and yes, I am uncircumcised.

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26th January 2003

does anyone who lives in the LA / woodland hills/ west hills area and is like 13, 14,15, 16 play a trombone or sax?

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16th November 2002

wheriend8:27pm: a'rude bwoys, rude girls a' skankin it slow....
it is a'you-ou-ou
ohhh yeah-eah-eah
it is a'you-ou-ou
ohhh yeah-eah-eah
it is a'you-ou-ou
ohhh yeah-eah-eah
i said pressure drop
oh, pressure drop
oh, pressure drop to drop on you
i said pressure drop
oh, pressure drop
oh, pressure drop to drop on you
and i said, when the pressure drops
oh, you gotta feel it................


best song in the world.
if you dont know it, you should.
if you do, you should love it.

you gotta love the old timer jah core rastafari upbeat dreadlocked rocksteady ska.
much respect to the old timers and original rude bwoys.

-Yean Connery
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30th October 2002

Current Mood: Zomber

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7th September 2002

tal_is_short11:15pm: i call for a revival of this community.


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24th July 2002

igottafindout5:22pm: i love ska im listening to the supertones right now very uplifting yay!

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12th July 2002

asheedork4:28pm: I am 81% Ska

Pick it up, I skank! I am one full-fledged crazy Rudie, I am going to go celebrate my victory with some skankin'!

Take the Ska Test at fuali.com

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11th July 2002

bindergang12:44am: Nothing But Lies
Alright, Jordan(maker of this community) maybe a ska kid, but his favorite band is fucking Nothing But Lies, the NY street punk/oi! extraordinares of Queens.

Check out our site: http://www.nothingbutlies.cjb.net

Write on the board, check us out, whatever. We should have a demo and some MP3's by the end of the summer.

As I said...we're Jordan's FAVORITE BAND EVER.

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6th July 2002

tal_is_short9:10am: quack
are you that kid that i see at practically every single nyc ska show who's friends with diego?
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23rd June 2002

ska6chiqa99:28pm: sex with rude boys
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:11:42 PM): and for intersts i put "sex with ska boys"
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:11:44 PM): not you jordan
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:11:51 PM): otehr ska boys that shall remain nameless
hijinxlifer (9:11:55 PM): haha
hijinxlifer (9:12:00 PM): lol
hijinxlifer (9:12:07 PM): who is a ska boy?
hijinxlifer (9:12:07 PM): haha
hijinxlifer (9:12:07 PM): damn.
hijinxlifer (9:12:08 PM): okay
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:12:15 PM): heeh
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:12:19 PM): well you know about gary
hijinxlifer (9:12:28 PM): yo
hijinxlifer (9:12:31 PM): biz.
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:12:34 PM): yo
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:12:36 PM): jordan.
hijinxlifer (9:12:38 PM): about your diagram
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:12:43 PM): haah
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:12:43 PM): yes
hijinxlifer (9:12:45 PM): haha
hijinxlifer (9:12:45 PM): okay.
hijinxlifer (9:12:56 PM): theres the pussy. duh. thats easy. but the clit.
hijinxlifer (9:13:10 PM): i keep looking at porn and *never* see it.
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:13:11 PM): its like above the hole
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:13:16 PM): its hard to see
hijinxlifer (9:13:21 PM): facing front?
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:13:52 PM): yeah
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:14:05 PM): its kinda liek a triangle spahed thing
hijinxlifer (9:14:12 PM): like, lets say im making out with ..uh, i duno. i take off her pants, im still facing her. i go down, ill see her bush if there is, and then right under therell be the clit?
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:14:25 PM): EXACTEYL!
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:15:28 PM): jordan.
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:15:53 PM): i have come to the conclusion
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:16:03 PM): that sex with rude boys is better than sex with punk boys
hijinxlifer (9:16:33 PM): oka.
hijinxlifer (9:16:37 PM): haha
hijinxlifer (9:16:44 PM): rude boys are whole
hijinxlifer (9:16:56 PM): they keep it G
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:16:58 PM): there jsut a lot better in bed and liek after
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:17:02 PM): iek ther nice adn its all good
hijinxlifer (9:17:28 PM): hahah
hijinxlifer (9:17:28 PM): :-)
hijinxlifer (9:17:41 PM): cuz the rude girls make them diagrams
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:17:44 PM): so if my theory is true...you don't have to worry at all
hijinxlifer (9:17:46 PM): :-D
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:17:48 PM): haha
hijinxlifer (9:17:55 PM): hah
hijinxlifer (9:17:55 PM): :-)
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:18:00 PM): but i dunno....the 2 rude boys i have sex with wre pretty experinced
hijinxlifer (9:18:17 PM): ohhh
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:18:29 PM): but i have positive sex feeling from you mr jordan
hijinxlifer (9:18:31 PM): hmm.
hijinxlifer (9:18:39 PM): maybe jordan needs experience
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:18:42 PM): cause i have taken you under my wings adn i drew you a diagram
hijinxlifer (9:18:46 PM): then hell be rockin like a true G
hijinxlifer (9:18:46 PM): haha wooohooooo
Gewn A Bee NxD (9:18:52 PM): go for it!
hijinxlifer (9:18:56 PM): 8-)
Current Mood: giggly

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20th June 2002

wheriend7:32pm: most of these were written without even thinking. i'll just get a tune in my head at like 4 am and jot something down. all comments are welcome

“this and nothing”

as I walked down the streets
of exuberant dayglow
empty sidewalks alleys filled with people
a man comes up to me
not for advice but of help
a hand stuck out I pity the absent wealth
but I say to this man
I have nothing to give what you don’t
He opens his mouth to speak but an electrical hum is all I can hear
Take this being my last words ever
I walk away to hear him sing and laugh a shout like none other

As I walked down the road
Of catastrophic machinery
Filled with them with nowhere to go
A woman comes up to me
She says in avail
I can’t find my home cant find heaven
Point the way good sir, but this I do not know
So I do what I can, and sacrifice the beauty of earth
For her disposition, as I walk away I can hear her gasp in awe/rebirth

As I danced to the music
Of the drumbeat lifeforce
I felt a boy bump in to me and say’s
What are you doing old man
Walk run walk, what are you doing?
And I point to the sound of the music I move my way to
I sense his confusion and give him my own beat
I cant hear the music, but I can feel him dance
As I walk away I can feel his feet stomp on the floor like a rhythmatic drum

And as I found my way outside, I couldn’t find my home
I could not ask for help, nor receive none
And I couldn’t hear the people or see their faces
And when someone else came up to me
I assume for assist I wrote on the sidewalk
With a big block of chalk
I’ve nothing to give.
So he takes my hand and puts naught in it
And then he writes on the ground
Take this and nothing from me
It’s been a burden to keep.


Tears drop along the conveyor belt streetways
A catasprophic shout – it hits the cranium

A cut! A wound! A flag flying high above the grave!
A death! A face! A broken home stuck in sympathy!

You hate the middle but you’re near to the end
can’t seem to stop
name the placidity of the best friends.
An injection in the skin seems to prolong the recession of the estrogen essence

A spoon! A flame! A needle in the veins it wipes away the traces of yesterday’s recession!
A sigh! A laugh! A snap of the elasticity clot breaks away all your precious perfection!
A rush! A thrill! A dialation of the bloodshot eyes you realize what was never seen in the perfect contraption…

You seemed to hit the blockade of the infinite!
Living in a chemical abstraction.
You seemed to hit the blockade of the infinite!
Living in a chemical abstraction.
You seemed to hit the blockade of the infinite!
Living in a chemical…
Living in the chemicals…
Living in the chemicals…

Don’t fall asleep!
Don’t fall asleep!
Don’t fall into - eternal slumber!
Don’t fall asleep!
Don’t fall asleep!

Now the only way to see you is to remember.

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15th June 2002

ska6chiqa94:52pm: ehhh...catch was not ttoo great...the pae was too big bla bla bla. jordans seeing the pie tasters onight....jlousness...


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